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Vision 2022

I’m sure we’d all agree that 2020 was not the year we’d hoped it would be – in nearly every sense. As it was a National election year, Loudoun Inspire took some time to recover from our 2019 efforts, maintain our health and safety, and plan for the future.

In November 2020, we were able to help secure yet another local-level victory – this time, for Leesburg Town Council candidate, Kari Nacy.

In 2021, things opened up, and we worked hard to support our local candidates once more. Conservatives had candidates in every jurisdiction across Virginia – including the Loudoun HOD races; and while most of our candidates came up short, we did regain the majority in the VA HOD.

MOST importantly, we had a winning statewide ticket – Glenn Youngkin (Gov), Winsome Sears (LG), and Jason Miyares (AG)!! While they didn’t “win” Loudoun, we were able to reduce the margin of loss enough to push them over the top statewide. Local elections matter more than ever, and the voters are realizing it. It’s a start.

Now, onto 2022.

Voters have chosen the R candidate for our Congressional district (VA10) – Hung Cao – and we wish him success in his challenge to the Democrat incumbent.

Locally in Loudoun, there are two Special Elections for School Board seats in Broad Run and Leesburg. In addition, several of our Towns have their elections for Mayor and half their Town Councils. We are staying true to our roots and will be supporting candidates in these races.

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