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Loudoun Inspire is thrilled to congratulate all the winners of the Mayoral and Town Council races occurring yesterday in HamiltonLovettsvilleMiddleburgPurcellville, and Round Hill. Our members, either as individuals or as representatives of our group, supported a variety of candidates throughout their campaigns here in Loudoun County, Virginia. In particular, Loudoun Inspire actively assisted several candidates in the Lovettsville race – Christopher Hornbaker, Renee Edmonston, Nick Hayward, and Michael Dunlap – and one, Joel Grewe, in the Purcellville contest.

“The leadership and the tireless work of all the ladies at Loudoun Inspire ensured that every home in Lovettsville received a personal note asking for each voter to think about the choices they had today,” said Mike Dunlap via his Dunlap4Lovettsville Facebook page. Christopher Hornbaker agreed, “Loudoun Inspire was the greatest support during this campaign.”

Earlier this year, Loudoun Inspire also assisted with the Josh Thiel for Leesburg campaign. To date, 5 of the 6 candidates Loudoun Inspire has supported have won their seats.

Loudoun Inspire’s mission is to foster advancement of freedom, liberty, and the founding principles of the United States throughout Loudoun County, Virginia, and America with optimistic, positive, and respectful activism. Additionally, we hope to inspire other conservative women to get involved in grassroots political activism.

We look forward to working with additional candidates in future elections, and we’d like to remind Loudoun County voters that the Republican and Democratic Primary elections are scheduled for Tuesday, June 12.

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