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With the summer half over, we are heading into the busiest time prior to the November elections. Fundraising, canvassing, training, meetings and events are in full swing.  And Loudoun Inspire members continue to gear up for the hard work ahead.

A large part of our mission is to inspire others, particularly women, to get involved in the political process.  Many continue to believe they can’t make a difference or that their vote doesn’t really matter.  We’re here to prove otherwise.  You DO matter, and here’s why.

Your VOTE Matters

As we’ve said before, elections have consequences.   But aside from the obvious –> a Democrat in office means we don’t have an ally for our agenda, our issues, our concerns & complaints <– there are other situations where we are put at a disadvantage of which voters may be totally unaware.

  • Without a Republican in Congressional office here in the Virginia 10th Congressional District, we don’t have the support – financial or otherwise – for down-ballot races.  This is particularly true for our House seats because they are geographically localized.  Regardless of whether you agree w/her 100% or 50% or 10%, Barbara Comstock has been a HUGE supporter of other conservative candidates in her District.  Loudoun Inspire saw firsthand her support for the local candidates whom we assisted earlier this year.  She and her staff were a valuable resource, both to us and the candidates themselves. And keeping conservatives in the House of Delegates, on the Loudoun BOS, and in local Town offices is crucial.  If we lose her, we lose that benefit, and the domino effect could be disastrous. Imagine a worst-case scenario – Rep. Comstock loses to Wexton, whose seat is then open.  Maybe a known Dem like BOS Chair Randall runs for it, and with the support of a new Dem Congresswoman, wins that seat.  Then they both put their combined power behind local races, and the Loudoun BOS and town council seats fill with Dems.  Every office from Congress on down would be in jeopardy.
  • Also, did you know that Democrats currently control both the State Electoral Board and the County Electoral Board?  The reason is because we have a Democrat in the Governor’s Mansion.  The winning party gets TWICE as many seats on those committees.  When there’s a close race where absentee and provisional ballots are counted or a dispute that needs settling, who do you think has more power?  So when you aren’t sure whether your party’s candidate is ideal or worth leaving your house to vote for, keep things like this in mind.

Voter turnout is critical to winning elections.  Although Virginia doesn’t register voters by party, we can glean fairly accurate party affiliations based on who votes in the primaries.  For 2018, the percentages for R and D are nearly identical, which means every vote counts.  Local races in particular are often decided by a handful of votes.  In fact, one of the 2018 candidates for Lovettsville Town Council lost by 10 votes after absentee and provisionals were counted.  In Purcellville, the second and third Town Council seat winners were separated by 6 votes!  So as you can see, if you and a couple of neighbors skip out on voting, you could end up with a representative you really do not want.  Your vote matters!

Your HELP Matters

Not only do we need you to vote, we need your manpower.  Did you know that the majority of Election Officers in Virginia are Democrats?  These are the folks who run your polling location.  Many of them are union employees who get a paid holiday for election day and then get paid again to “volunteer” at the polls.  Wouldn’t YOU want to do it?  We need to balance that out.

​There is a STRONG (dire?) need for conservatives to act as Election Officers.  Election Officers represent the Virginia Board of Elections and are paid “non-partisan” positions (though you may indicate your party affiliation if you like).  These citizens do everything at the polls – from setup and clean up to handing out ballots, monitoring the voting machine, and dealing with any problems.  Even if you know you can’t help that day, the knowledge you gain by taking the training will help put your mind at ease regarding fraud and the checks & balances in place. Plus, did I mention you get paid?

Another alternative is Poll Watching which simply involves being a background observer at the polls to help ensure all rules and proper procedures are being followed.  In this case, you DO represent your own political party. And as always, conservatism needs more representation. Contact Loudoun Inspire for more information on this option.

Lastly, you can work the polls for the party or the candidate of your choice, greeting voters and handing out literature and sample ballots for those who haven’t fully decided who they’ll support (yes, this happens often).  Many times, a brief conversation or a kind word at the last minute is enough to sway an independent voter.  If nothing else, conservatives like to see a friendly face at the polls, particularly in our area.

So as you can see, you matter!  We’d love to have you join us, now or on election day.  As always, feel free to contact us for more information about our organization or how you can participate in the electoral process.  But whatever you do, VOTE!!

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