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What We Do

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.

Edmund Burke

At Loudoun Inspire, we focus our efforts on local politics – mainly Loudoun County and its towns, and its role within Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

Our inaugural year (2017) was busy and rewarding, and we worked HARD.  We donated money, attended campaign events, made phone calls, knocked on doors, wrote postcards, worked festivals and farmers markets and back-to-school nights.  We delivered signs, managed multiple social media accounts (for ourselves and our candidates), walked in parades, addressed campaign mailers, and wrote letters-to-the-editor.  We attended training sessions, held a voter registration drive, and co-hosted several events.  And on Election Day, more than 60 of us volunteered as poll workers, poll watchers, election officers, precinct captains, and district chairs – many participating for the very first time.  Wow!  That is an incredible level of effort, and one that we can all be very proud of.

A major part of Loudoun Inspire’s mission is to inspire others, particularly women, to get involved in the political process, and in 2018 we accomplished that in spades.  We saw more women joining party leadership and running for office than ever before. We also achieved some important goals.  Our Inspire PAC achieved federal multi-candidate status, and we exceeded our membership and fundraising targets.

The 2019 political year was a BIG one for local races – close to 30 in all. Delegates, State Senators, Loudoun Supervisors, School Board reps, even the Soil & Water Board. And while local races aren’t nearly as glamorous (and don’t garner the time and interest that national races do), we once again worked hard and increased our knowledge.

In 2020, the facilitation of political races scaled back dramatically due to COVID. It was also a National election year (not our focus), so we spent our time supporting internal party efforts, researching, networking, and planning for 2021.

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